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Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein smile(s) appearing

“Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins.”

—   The most comforting beauty advice I’ve ever been given. (via cinniie)

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Miley Cyrus - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?




She killed it, guys. Like this is really fucking good and it’s rad that she’s an AM fan? 

This is actually very wow

This seriously gave me goosebumps. Like wow. Just wow.

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1. If he doesn’t answer, don’t keep sending texts. If he wanted to talk to you, he would’ve responded.

2. People will make time for you when they care about you. If he says he’s too busy or constantly cancels his plans, he doesn’t care. People fight for you when they care.

3. Don’t let him touch you on the first date. If he tries, he’s not there for the same reasons you are.

4. You can tell a lot about a person by their favorite book.

5. If he can stomach more than ten straight shots without feeling a thing, he drinks too much.

6. Ask the uncomfortable things. When was the last time he was so high he couldn’t speak? What does he regret the most? Does he drink to remember or to forget?

7. Don’t send pictures unless you want to. If he has to talk you into it, don’t do it. If you hesitate, don’t do it. If you do take a picture, don’t include your face. Keep yourself safe.

8. If you can’t laugh when you’re having sex with him, maybe you aren’t sleeping with the right person. Sex isn’t about tricks and tips and routines.

9. If he hurts you, cut him out. He’s gone, he isn’t coming back, and you don’t need to prolong the pain.

10. Don’t be afraid to open up again. I promise not everyone will love you with a knife behind their back.

—   Boy advice from someone who made the same mistakes too often (via guiseofgentlewords)

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i do not care about highschool or getting involved or making memories i want to pass my classes and get the fuck out

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If you played with Barbies,



Polly Pockets,


Beanie Babies,




Slip N’ Slide,


And Furbies,


Listened to the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, NSync and the Spice Girls




On Hit Clips, a Boom Box, or a Walkman,


Collected and traded Pokemon cards,


Wrote with Gel Pens,


Wore butterfly clips,


And Snap Bracelets,


And remember watching these guys:




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Beyoncé’s full performance at the 2014 VMA’s

Because some of y’all missed it and/or need ya blessins one mo time

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“She was laughing even as we kissed and kissed again.There is no better taste than this: someone else’s laughter in your mouth.”

—   Forever by Maggie Stiefvater - parachute3s (via perfect)

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“I want you to hold my hand while we grocery shop. I want you to play with my hair while we watch our favorite tv shows. I want you to kiss me in the middle of my sentence because you wanted to taste my words. I want you to rub my back as we fall asleep. I want you to play my favorite song when I look sad. I want you to do these things without having to think about them. Do them because you love me.”

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